Travel Diary: My trip to Israel

First off, let me start by saying that I never ‘dreamed’ about going to Israel. Ever. And yet here we are, two years and two trips later. What does that say about the country? In one word: Bee-u-tiful!

All I had really known of Israel is what we see on t.v. the bad and the ugly and that’s pretty much the view I had of Israel. However that all changed with our very first trip there. I saw firsthand the things you hardly see in the media.

Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and our in-depth study of the bible during youth ministry classes, I was familiar with the bible lands I often read about but never thought I’d actually visit them personally. Then we heard that some friends of ours had been to Israel and loved it. Well, that inspired us and we suddenly found ourselves entertaining the idea of going. I will not lie that it took quite a bit to muster up the courage to go but so glad we did! The place is so beautiful. There are so many amazing sites that any Christian would love to see. Perhaps some people should consider booking a tour with a company like Immanuel-Tours. They could show people some of the best religious attractions.

I couldn’t believe what I saw; the beautiful flora, the mountains, the deserts, the beaches, the sunsets, the sunrise, the food, the palm trees, and yes, even the sheep and camels! But nothing came close to the friends we met there. It was heartwarming to be among the beautiful people we met on our incredible journey! You all know who you are and we miss you terribly! The weather was great, a little breezy at times, but much better than home! We ended our trip with an amazing picnic by the Jordan River (now there’s something you don’t say every day!) and dinner in Netanya with some friends we hold very dear in our hearts.

As for the places we visited you’ll find a glimpse in the slideshow and they include: Caesarea, Tel Megiddo (not in the slide show), Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Dead Sea (Kalia Beach), Judean Desert (Masada), Tel-Aviv, Netanya, Haifa (Krayot), Sea of Galilee, Rosh Hanikra, Kiryat Shmona and the Jordan River.

Each place breathtaking with its own beauty and unique history.

Before we knew it, sadly our trip came to an end. We waved good-bye and wondered? Hmm…will there be a third trip?