No Foundation Look | Just Highlight & Contour | Quick & Simple!


Do you feel you’re not ready for too much makeup? Maybe you just don’t want to wear all that makeup you see Instagrammers and YouTubers wearing on social media? Maybe you hate when your makeup starts out ah-mazing but then ends up creasing all over the place by noon! ugh!

But you still want to look great and put-together for that videoconferencing meeting or for running those essential errands! Well, don’t despair!

Here’s a quick and easy way to look good, even really good, while not going through all those layers and layers and layers and layers of makeup!

  • Prep your skin
  • Skip the foundation!
  • Highlight & Contour (and even here you don’t need to run out and get the most expensive HAC palette out there! You can get away with this look with just 2 concealers; one that is about 1 shade lighter to highlight (aim for one with a yellow undertone so you brighten and conceal in one swipe…BAM!) and one that is 1-2 shade darker for contouring. Aim for an ashier tone to create that ‘shadow’ effect. If not, a warmer tone will work just fine too. 
  • Complete the look with blush and lippie and you are good to go!

Enjoy the video and as usual I love reading your feedback and comments 🙂