How to keep your concealer from caking!

How to apply concealer correctly

How to apply concealer correctly

One of my pet peeves in makeup (among many) is concealer that cakes and creases! Now, that wasn’t a problem when I was younger but unfortunately getting older comes with making adjustments to compensate for dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles and a host of other fun things that comes with getting older.

Applying under eye concealer properly will work wonders, but the same is true of the opposite. Concealer mistakes can single-handedly make you look older and can emphasize the very things you are trying to conceal whether it’s dark circles, puffiness or fine lines.

First, let me address a few of the most common concealer mistakes seen out there (and they are pretty easy to spot!).

Concealer Mistakes

  1. Applying the wrong color. This is by far the most common. There are tons of color-correcting concealers out there and maybe that’s why it might be too daunting. What the ‘experts’ tell us is to look for a shade or two lighter than your own skin color to ‘brighten’ the eye area and while that can work (in conjunction with foundation and contouring) personally I really don’t like it. Going too bright can make that area look grey or ashy. I try to match my tone. On days I want to ‘glam’ it up or for a special occasion I might go with a half shade lighter and not lighter than that. Any concealer that is too dark or too light will not blend well and will be totally obvious. It is personal preference but do make sure you choose the right color to correct the issue you’re dealing with.
  2. Applying too much or too thick. There is nothing worse than seeing a heavy layer of concealer around the eyes making the product very obvious. In fact it should be the opposite. Apply a light hand and avoid rubbing it in. It should be well blended and not obvious.
  3. Not blending well. This ties well with point #2. Always apply in a downward triangle shape and not a half-moon. The idea is to blend downward working it in with the rest of the makeup.

What follows are tips that I’ve learned as I’m getting older. They work really well to avoid having concealer crease and cake by the end of the day. Concealer, when applied properly, is meant to diffuse the look of tired eyes and must not settle in fine lines otherwise it will make you look older than what you are.

Concealer Musts

  1. Moisturize! Make sure the area underneath the eye is well, well, well moisturized! Having the area well hydrated is at the top of the list! If it isn’t, the concealer will not have a good base. It can’t go well from there! I personally love using Rosehip or Argan Oil as a moisturizer. It’s light, full of antioxidants and is not greasy. Easily absorbs into the skin. If you want to know more about these oils you can google it. There is tons of information on them.
  2. How much? This is by far my favorite tip! Ask yourself: Do I really need all that product? Less IS more in this case. Stand a foot or two away from the mirror. If you don’t see anything chances are whoever is in front of you won’t see anything either so no reason to apply unnecessary product. I no longer apply concealer or foundation up to the lower lash line. I stop a little short and that tip alone has helped me reduce concealer caking into fine lines and accentuating them.
  3. Blot, Blot, Blot. Lastly, when you’re all done, gently blot any excess product with a tissue to avoid it from settling into the creases around your eyes. I never miss this step! It is crucial. This simple last step will make sure your concealer doesn’t migrate into those pesky lines and will give you that added reassurance that your makeup is in tact without having to check every hour! 😀

There is so much more that can be said on the matter but I thought I’d share my top 3 ‘faux-pass and ‘musts’ to keep you looking fresh and young all day!

Hope you enjoyed it!

What’s your favorite concealer tip? Will you try the above? Share your comments with us!