It’s not everyday you get to hang out with a famous celebrity! It’s not everyday you get invited to an exclusive event hosted by an incredible brand and surrounded by fellow beauty bloggers either! AND….it’s not every day you get to do both on the same night!

I had the privilege of being part of an incredible event where girls got to hang out, talk beauty, got their brows done and hung out with the beautiful Karine Vanasse! We were extremely spoiled and I just can’t stop gushing over the fact that I was invited to this! I want to thank Marcelle for putting together this incredible, unforgettable event. Success!

I will say one last thing about Karine before moving on to Marcelle. I was extremely impressed with how down-to-earth and beautiful she was (did I mention that she’s even more beautiful in person??). That night she wasn’t a famous actress, she was just one of the girls and we truly enjoyed being in her company. Like I said…spoiled!

One regret. I wish I hadn’t scooted to Hôtel Le Crystal straight from work 🙁 Let’s just say I wasn’t dressed for the occasion…**sigh** Oh well….

Marcelle Exclusive Event with Karine Vanasse

Hanging out with Revenge’s Karine Vanasse

Ok so let’s talk about what products we were gifted in our beautiful goody bag and my thoughts on some of the products.

Marcelle Gift Bag

Marcelle Gift Bag


I will be very honest here and admit that I had never stopped to browse Marcelle line of products. Ever. In fact I would walk right on by and scoot towards the brands we are bombarded by on T.V….you all know who they are. Then, one day a little over a year ago I received an email asking if I would be interested in reviewing some products from Marcelle and Annabelle. Of course I knew who they were but never tried any of their products other than maybe a lip liner or lipstick here and there. That was the extent of it. I agreed and soon after received some items in the mail. That’s when I started to look at this brand more closely and now I always stop to browse Marcelle as I peruse the aisles.

So, at the last incredible event we were given several items. Here they are listed below and I will talk about them one by one except for the makeup items. I will put together a smokey eye makeup tutorial using the quad eyeshadow pallet and eyeliner that was in the goodie bag as well as lip color (which were purchased by me) and post later.

Let’s begin with:

1) Skin Perfector

Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector

Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector

Marcelle states to “Start every day with perfectly even and luminous skin”.  While I can’t say that it evens out my skin tone I will say that the latter part is true. My skin feels luminous after applying the product. It glides on to your skin and feels very silky. What I love most about this product? It’s gluten-free and that’s huge for those with celiac like me who can experience skin irritations.  I have been using it for a couple of months now and I can say that the texture of my skin feels smoother. It retails for under $30 and needs to be applied morning and night to face and neck. A small amount will suffice for both areas.  I’m not gonna say that it’s better than other similar products I’ve tried but it certainly compares nicely to big name brands. It holds its own and is worth a try. You’ll get ‘brand’ name quality for a fraction of the price! I always love a great bargain!


2) Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel


Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel


This is by far one of the best cleansers I have tried. It was a weird relationship at first. The first time I tried it I was skeptical. It feels creamy even though it’s a gel. I moistened my face as directed. Pumped the cleanser and massaged it all over my face, including over my Younique mascara and saw how it literally broke apart the dirt. So far so good BUT then I went to rinse it off. It rinsed easily but had that ‘squeaky’ feeling you get like when you wash with soap. I had mixed feelings about that. I felt like maybe my face wasn’t entirely clean. I pulled out my toner to see the evidence of what it had left behind and to may amazement there wasn’t much on the cotton pad! Turns out that not only did it ‘feel’ squeaky clean BUT it actually was!  It is mild. My face didn’t ‘feel stripped of anything, nor did it feel tight and yucky. A few notable points worth mentioning:

– gluten-free (YAY Marcelle!)
– paraben-free
– oil-free
– hypo-allergenic/perfume-free
– soap-free
– non-comedogenic
– recognized by the Canadia Dermatology Association and and Chatelaine Beauty Product for 2014!
– retails for $13 and worth the price. I’ve been using this since December and there’s plenty more in the bottle.

I definitely recommend!


3) Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes


All I’m gonna say about his product is that it’s gentle and effective against all mascaras I’ve tried.

A few noteworthy points were highlighting:

– gluten-free (LOVING THIS!!)
– paraben-free
– soap-free
– alcohol-free
– dermatologist/ophthalmologist tested
– hypoallergenic/perfume-free
– also recognized by CDA (Canadian Dermatology Association)
– retails for $15 and a little goes a long way!

There were more awesome stuff like the makeup/bb cream and will give you the scoop on these in another post.

All in all, truly a wonderful line by a company that understands the need for quality and in their case, the need for gluten-free products for those suffering with celiac disease!

I hope to get to work more closely with them in the future.

I am curious if anyone of you has tried Marcelle and your thoughts on the line! Share with me please!