How to get an amazing summer glow with highlighter!

Summer is my absolute favorite season and living in Montreal that means I only get to really enjoy it for a few months during the year **I hug you SUMMER!!**

In any case, my addiction with makeup intensifies during this glorious season for the simple reason that that’s when my skin looks and feels its very best.


I am crazy in love with highlighting! I don’t follow every crazy new trend that comes out (have you heard of non-touring?? Like seriously??) but I do love dewy, glowy-looking skin and am always happy to try new trends. In fact, a friend has recently recommended to me a new bronzer that is supposed to give you that “golden hour glow” that’s all over social media at the moment. You can find it at this website because I know I can’t wait to give it a go. I have received so many compliments on the look pictured below, so here is what I use to create it! (If you want this in video let me know and I will be happy to do it!)





1) Always moisturize and prime the skin. I use a moisturizer from Clarins and I prime with Milani’s Prime Perfection. Allow for each product to set before layering and applying the next otherwise they will not accomplish what they were meant to do.

2) I spot conceal a few stubborn sun spots with Nars concealer in Ginger.

3) I highlight the tops of my cheekbones using High Beam by Benefit. It has a nifty little wand that looks like a nail polish applicator wand. I always apply this to the tops of my cheekbones and only sometimes to the cupid’s bow and brow bone.

HighBeam by Benfit

HighBeam by Benfit

4) Foundation. Here I usually toggle between airbrush makeup (which I love love love) by Luminess or for summer I really like the L’Oréal Lumi Foundation in W6. If I do use a liquid foundation I apply it with my amazing makeup brush from Cailyn cosmetics. The O!WOW brush…and let me tell ya…it is really WOW! 😀 The tight, packed bristles ensure that the foundation gets in EVERYWHERE giving you that flawless, airbrush look! Oh and don’t worry, the highlight you applied underneath peeks through! 😉

Luminess Airbrush System

Luminess Airbrush System

True Match Lumi Foundation, Nars concealer in Ginger and O!Wow Brush

True Match Lumi Foundation, Nars concealer in Ginger and O!Wow Brush

5)Eye Makeup. Whatever look you want to achieve. Go for it! For instance, if you want fuller eyelashes (which you can get by opting for eyelash extensions in Lowry or nearby locations) and smoky eyes, then go ahead without a second thought.

6) Concealer under the eyes, again using Nars concealer in Ginger, I dab it with a humid beauty blender and set with translucent powder to avoid creasing.

7) This is where it gets fun! I apply a baked blush by Milani. I then go over the blush with my Physician’s Formula Nude palette (the dark colors). I apply this over the blush AND contour with this at the same time. I then use the lightest highlighter shades in that same palette and go over the tops of my cheekbones again.

Highlight with Benefit's hig beam and Physician's Formula Nude Palette

My Highlighting ‘go-to’ products

8) The final step in this look is to go over the entire face with a bronzer to ‘mesh’ everything together. Lately I’ve been using Physician’s Formula Super BB “InstaReady” and really liking it. Looks great in pictures!

9) Sorry! THIS is the final step 😀 I ‘set’ the look with Lise Watier’s Magnifix setting spray. It’s great at removing that powdery look!

Lise Watier Magnifix and Physician's Formula Super BB Instaready powder

Lise Watier Magnifix and Physician’s Formula Super BB Instaready powder

Voilà! Tell me what you think! Or better still share and upload a look of your own using your favorite highlighter!

Thanks peeps!!