Foxy Eye Look!

This look has taken the makeup world by storm! It’s a runway look inspired by Bella Hadid and since then so many different variations have been created. The look has been dubbed the ‘Foxy Eye Look’, ‘Foxy Eyes’, ‘Bella Hadid Look’, or even ‘Cat Eyes’, but whatever you want to call it, the look generally involves shaping your eyes to look more elongated and almond-shaped. It really is a beautiful look!

It’s great for older women since the look itself helps to give your eyes a more lifted look, resulting therefore in a more youthful appearance.

So here is my version. I opted for a more dramatic variation which would be ideal for a party event. A more subtle version would definitely be more suitable for the work place, school or a less formal setting.

I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for stopping by! 


September 19, 2020