Boxycharm Unboxing Videos

Welcome back friends and boxycharmers! As you may be well aware from my Fab Fit Fun unboxing video, I am on the quest to take the plunge.  The ‘subscription box’ plunge that is!

My friend, Arleen and I, have been unboxing her subscription boxes and she’s been helping me by answering my questions and by unboxing her goodie boxes with me. This in an effort to help me decide which box is ‘the’ subscription for moi! 

So here are the Boxycharm videos, both Base and Premium ones divided into 2 parts. If you want to see the Base box watch Part 1, if, on the other hand you are interested in the Premium box, watch part 2…or…watch both! 

We had so much fun putting these videos together and we hope, if nothing else, that you enjoy spending time unwrapping all these goodies with us!

If you are subscribed to a box, let me know which one and why you like/dislike it! Perhaps you can help me make my final decision!