At-home hair color review: nice n’easy Age Defy by Clairol Expert Collection!

Hello gals!

I find myself at that time again where I know I need to color my hair but torn between going to the salon for a professional color or take the easy/fast route: drugstore box color!

Personally I always prefer making a trip to the salon to see my dear friend and amazing stylist/colorist Stephanie from Le Salon Sugar for a couple of reasons. For one, getting a professional treatment simply ‘feels’ better, secondly I enjoy getting pampered and relaxing and lastly, I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Stephanie! All in all, it’s fun, relaxing and you come out feeling like a million bucks!

But….yes there’s a but. Unfortunately I’m not the type to schedule my life ahead of time. I just can’t afford that. Between juggling family responsibilities, work and my spiritual life time is really a luxury! So while I would love to neatly plan my life weeks in advance, I just can’t.

So I’m in need of a color refresh but no time to make a trip to the salon so I looked at a few brands at the drugstore and for some reason “Age Defy” caught my eye. **sigh**

Clairol Color Experts Nice 'n Easy Age Defy

Clairol Color Experts Nice ‘n Easy Age Defy in Darkest Brown 3.5

As I was reading the benefits, in other words, how it fights 7 signs of aging hair, I was more and more eager to try it so I picked up 2 boxes in color Darkest Brown 3.5, paid and walked out.

It’s a very simple process. Mix the colorant, apply, wait, rinse, condition and style hair as usual.  However, with the nice n’easy Age Defy there’s an additional step. You have to apply a pre-treatment so that grays are covered.


Clairol Age Defy Steps

Step 1:Pretreat Step 2: Apply color all over

All in all I found it to be a very pleasant experience. Although, I must say it was a little messy, with dye spatters all over my bathroom floor but once I washed and blow-dried my hair I forgot all about the mess. It had a pleasant smell and I have to say I loved the gloves! Usually you get these flimsy paper-thin gloves that are made to fit King Kong and do nothing but irritate you as they slip and slide off as you’re applying the color, but not with this box! I received nice, latex gloves that were just right for me. I thought that was worth mentioning too.

The biggest difference I noticed was in the shine of my hair. It felt silky smooth and the color was just perfect for me.

Clairol Age Defy Before_After


Now, I don’t have a lot of grays as you can see from the picture below (I desperately tried to get some good shots of grays but there weren’t that many), the few that I did have were completely covered and judging by the reviews it seems it does a great job on stubborn grays so definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a good product that gets the job done.

Gray Hair



I am rather pleased with the results and while I’m not saying that I am going to stick to at-home hair coloring it really did the job and got me out of a bind!

I miss Stephanie and will be going to see her for a nice trim but for now I’m ok, color-wise, for hopefully a month or more. I am curious to see how long the results will last me.

If you have anything to share on what’s worked for you please do share! I’m always scouring for great tips!

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