Here’s a quick post for those who are wondering how you should be taking care of your extensions.

I wash my extensions once a month simply because I hardly wear them. I wear them for a special party or a cocktail event when I want to glam it up or on those days where I should wash my hair and don’t feel like it…on those days I don’t wear the full set, just a few wefts on the sides and the back….

If you wear extensions very often then clearly you need to wash them more often.

So here is a step-by-step on how I take care of my human hair extensions and do keep in mind that I take care of them as I would my own hair (hahaha except I wash my own hair more than once a month! Lol)

Items I use for caring for my extensions:

a) Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (use the shampoo/conditioner of your choice but try to stick to a moisturizing one for a deeper care)
b) Leave-in conditioner (optional and your choice…..don’t go crazy on expensive stuff either!)
c) A comb
d) Heat Protector Spray

Step 1:
Use your bathroom sink and fill it with warm water about ¾ full and add some shampoo to the running water. You don’t want extreme temperatures…not too hot and not too cold.

IMG-20130910-00061 IMG-20130910-00060

Step 2:
Make sure the clips of your extensions are closed (to avoid snags). Using a few wefts at a time submerse the hair in the water and let it soak for a few minutes. Apply a little more shampoo to the hair and work it through by starting at the top and ‘squeezing’ your way down. Careful not to rub vigorously as that can cause tangles. Always be gentle and work downwards. Set aside and proceed with the next weft of hair until you have done them all.


Step 3:
Empty the water from the sink. Under warm water, rinse the wefts thoroughly from top to bottom squeezing the soap from the hair as you go along. Repeat until you have done all the hair.

Step 4:
Apply the conditioner. By working a few wefts at a time, apply conditioner in your hand and start working it through the hair GENTLY and working your way from top to bottom (notice the trend here?? 😉 ). Repeat until you have done all the wefts.

Step 5:
Rince the conditioner as you did the shampoo (see Step 3)

Step 6:
(this step is optional but recommended if you use a lot of heat on your extensions)
Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the wefts. Work gently into the hair making sure that you have distributed the product evenly.


Step 7:
Lay the wet wefts on a towel on a flat surface. This is what they look like before combing them.


Step 8:
CAREFULLY comb the wefts gently to avoid clumping. This step is very important. If there are any snags or tangles, comb through it gently until smooth. This is what they should look like after you’ve combed them nicely.


Step 9:
Spray the Heat Protectant evenly on the hair.


Step 10:
Let them air dry. If you need them quickly and are out of time you can use a blow dryer. I tend to let them air dry.

Step 11:
Once dry comb through them and voila’ nice clean beautiful extensions ready to be worn again!

Hope this helps!


September 17, 2013



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    Vernell R. Primmer

    June 7, 2016

    nice guide, i don’t have to confuse how to wash my hair extensions.

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    Tami E. Contreras

    September 30, 2013

    For some women, hair extensions are the best solution to short, thin and limp hair, that’s why no matter how costly they could be, women spend a fortune just to get them. It is important that we know how to properly take care of them to prevent some hair problems in the future and to make it last a longer time. These steps here will help anyone with hair extensions take care of them properly.

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      September 30, 2013

      Very true Tami…I agree 🙂