So I went to the MAC counter a few weeks ago to stock up on my favorite “Please Me” lipstick and matching “Soar” lip liner when I was stopped in my tracks and taken in by the clerk/cosmetician’s dark wine lustrous lipstick! I used to wear those types of darker colors many years ago and then got stuck (happily) in my beautiful variations of pinks all year round but seeing that vibrant rich color gave me the itch to go back in time and resurrect that look and  yes….buy I did! 😉

The lipstick is #A22 – “Heart Hangover” from their Pro Longwear collection and of course purchased the matching lip liner in “Vino”. The clerk mentioned that she topped it off with a no-color gloss on top to give it a kick a** shine! What a statement!

Word of caution though! Dark colors will make your lips appear smaller so don’t get shocked when you apply this  dramatic color if you think your lips suddenly disappeared…I work the liner more to help offset that a little bit.

So needless to say I researched what the latest makeup trends for fall were and to my pleasant surprise “MULBERRY MOUTHS” was no. 1 according to Harper’s BAZAAR!

I want to share those trends with you and here they are in that order! (some I am not too keen on, whether it’s a trend or not if it doesn’t suit me I won’t sport it! Period.)

As confusing as it may be BOTH dark and light colors are what the artists are working with this season as seen on the runway. You’ll notice the “fresh faced” look on some models and then some “out-of-this-world” colors on others! So take it with a grain of salt and incorporate those trends that you feel are best suited for you..although changing it up a bit from your regular routine especially for an evening soiree is not a bad idea 😉

Either way, as Harper’s BAZAAR said, “it’s forward thinking for fall”!

Mulberry Mouths (yay!)

Wine colors and rich chocolate undertones are what we will be seeing lots of…from matte finishes to super glossy and anything in-between….ALL on a “perfect skin” for contrast which they suggest you can achieve by exfoliating your lips…flakes and dry lips are never nice and are really accentuated when wearing dark lip color…so basically you need to start with hydrated lips if you want to pull these colors off! Lip Balm may be your new best friend this fall!

Futuristic Eyes (some were way out there and some had me give them a second glance)…see the link for pics!
They really played with vibrant colors and others played up the black liner and took it to an extreme…the smoky eye kicked up a notch.

Defined Brows (Brows are HUGE as far as I’m concerned! ALL YEAR ROUND!)
The trend seems to be the strong full brows…if you’re battling an ‘overplucked’ situation you may want to try some over-the-counter lash/brow growth serums…they do help and for a more ‘instant’ help you’ll definitely need to fill them in with a pencil…just make sure to get the right shade..we often make the mistake of going too dark…What I found cute? They mentioned ‘playing up the arch and even adding a few sparkles’! That I just might try 🙂

Mesmerizing Multi-Toned Eyes (meh)

“Statement-making eyes” is basically what the message was! Some were really not in my color scheme that’s for sure (but of course they are always extra dramatic on the runway) however Harper says “For a chic and wearable version, look for shadows with hints of silver or gold mixed into the color to soften the effect and complement your skin tone.” Sounds doable…I will try some of these looks and post them on my blog…with a little ‘how-to’…stay tuned

Fresh & Natural Faces
(This one I loved!)
The looks ranged from nude tones and contouring to dewy complexions…I personally love both looks but tend to keep the dewy look for spring and summer…that’s just me.

Smoky Browns (Love this!!)
I quote: “Fashion loves to reinvent black, and judging by the array of browns used backstage, it’s the new, well you know. The beauty of this smoldering shade is its versatility — it can be layered on for more or less intensity and suits all complexions.” The tip? “Try rimming your eyes with anything from khaki to mocha, then blurring it out for a rich look.” Basically in a nutshell the smoky look is still very much alive!

I will definitely try some of these and will post them to my blog with some ‘how-to’s’ as well…wish me luck! 😉

For the full article and pictures click here:

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September 30, 2012