I’ll be doing a review soon on the new nail craze that has taken us by storm! I tried the Salon Effects Nail strips and I really like them! There are mixed feelings about it out there but I think it may stem from the fact that people aren’t applying them properly and therefore become frustrated with it but enough about this…you can check out my How-To review video coming out shortly to know more about these strips!

What I really wanted to talk about is Gel Polish the kind done at a gel nail salon. The most popular brand out there is Shellac but there are others as well.

In a nutshell Shellac offers the benefits of long-lasting nail polish that is resistant and chip-free and lasts for over 2 weeks…and the best part? There is zero waiting time for it to dry and set! That is awesome!

The application involves a 3-step process: 1) base coat 2) color coat and 3) top coat. It cures in 10 seconds under a heat lamp and that process is repeated after each layer.

You should never attempt to remove it yourself by ‘peeling’ it off! You would definitely be damaging the top layer of your natural nail by doing that. The removal process is best left to the salon where they will soak a cotton ball in acetone remover and cover the cotton and your nail with aluminum foil where it will then sit for about 10 minutes while it dissolves. Some salons have you soak your fingernails directly in acetone….the professionals agree that the latter process can be more damaging and should be avoided.

I have done several of these manicures and they truly are formidable but as with anything that is so great I always ask myself…is this too good to be true?

I did notice that after doing it several times in a row with no break in-between my nails did feel a little weak and brittle and more susceptible to splitting and breaking so I asked my manicurist if there were any dangers from prolonged use and she did suggest that it is wise to always give your nails a little break in between to give them a chance to ‘breathe’.

I did some research on this as it was on my mind and the above is all true but I also read up on some dangers that I hadn’t even considered or had crossed my mind! The big one was: the UV light used to cure the polish is in the same spectrum that contributes to Photo-aging! In fact one of the articles I read compared those little lamps to tiny tanning beds so the same threats are real…dark spots, wrinkles and skin cancer (of course it mentioned that these are threats if done repetitively and with prolonged use).

So as with anything, in my opinion, when done in moderation you can definitely enjoy the benefits of Gel Polish…just don’t overdo it and give your nails a break from time to time….there…that’s my 2 cents!

On the bright side they have really made great strides in this department and Julep has some great products out there….you must check out their site: www.julep.com and as I said these new ‘nail strips’ with wild crazy colors and patterns are definitely worth considering! Watch out for my video!

If you want more info on this here’s a link on one article I found informative: http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/gel-manicures-dangerous-132200727.html

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