Welcome to my life.

Allow me to talk about my life as a celiac.  I hope that it will in some way help you if you have been diagnosed or suffer with gluten intolerance.  This was a big change in lifestyle for me and I want to share my journey with you.

When you are first diagnosed with celiac or any other form of gluten sensitivity it can be really daunting! When I was first told I was celiac, after 4 years of suffering, I went through a host of emotions. I felt confused, scared, and as though this whole new life that I was now supposed to lead was going to be nothing more than a life condemned to restrictions and eating cardboard!

But that was only at first. Surfing the net for answers was also a challenge because a lot of information out there was based on opinion and not necessarily fact. So once I found a couple of reputable sources that I felt I could trust, I started learning more about my disease and began feeling more comfortable. I was then able to make the necessary changes in my life.

Having said that, it was quite a journey! In fact, I talk about my personal story in my book entitled Going Against The Grain – Italian Style! Confusion was soon replaced with clarity and fear with taking charge. In my book, I also share tons of Italian/Sicilian recipes that I grew up with but of course had to be modified to adapt to my new lifestyle. You’ll find that link on my home page and at the bottom of this post.

That’s what being celiac meant to me. It was a whole new lifestyle and one that I was going to embrace (not that I had much of a choice 😉 ) but I chose to rise to the challenge. I was not going to let this discourage me.



Being Italian and growing up in Montreal where delicious food and fine dining is all around me was not going to be easy as we truly loved to try different restaurants and especially enjoyed a delicious meal with a glass of red wine. Eating out now, with my new ‘lifestyle’ is not impossible but it definitely requires more care and research beforehand.

At home, my family was extremely supportive of me and both my husband and son made a conscious effort to eat gluten-free as well. Once we nailed down our favorite pasta and bakeries it really became a lot easier to deal with. In fact, today, a year and a half later I can happily say that not only am I feeling much better since my diagnosis but eating deliciously is not even a cause for concern anymore!

I hope you’ll not only share your journey and tips with me but keep coming back as I will share some of my favorite Italian recipes with you. In fact, if you want to try delicious homemade gluten-free potato gnocchi then click here!

You might even catch me ranting about some uneducated waiter at a restaurant or even gloat about a delicious treat I just had 😀

I will endeavor to bring you delicious recipes and also review products and restaurants and I will voice my personal opinion on them. As you may have already noticed, this is a growing market and many new GF products are hitting the shelves of our local grocers every day. More and more restaurants are starting to cater to those with our sensitivity but are they safe and can they be trusted? We’ll all have our share in that discussion!

All this to say friends, that whether you are the one with the sensitivity or a member of your family, keep in mind that this is truly a new lifestyle and embracing it with a positive attitude will make it much easier on both you and your loved ones!