Seriously….What color’s that nail polish you’re wearing Michelle? 😉

Ok so I’m sure almost the entire population got to see the DNC and the Presidential speech delivered by Barack Obama…what nobody counted on was Michelle stealing the spotlight! Was it her speech? Maybe in part but what the ladies were really focusing on was her dress…but wait! There’s more!

It seems that the big buzz the next day was Michelle’s NAILS!! Yup! her grayish/bluish color sparked so much attention for a few reasons. Many were shocked that Michele wore a color that is apparently ‘more suitable’ for someone under 30 (as if??) and certainly not what we’re used to seeing for a ‘political’ figure but Michelle breaks the rules when it comes to fashion…she is definitely a trend-setter! Good for her…she certainly is showing that there’s no ‘cookie-cutter’ look for women in politics!

People were speculating that it was a color made by OPI or some other designer but no they confirmed that it was not!

Are you ready to jot this down?

The maker is: Artistic Nail Design, Their Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Colour Gloss
The color: Vogue

Bad news? Only available in salons and after the DNC there was an apparent ‘stock issue’ but (due to the enormous calls flooding Artistic Nail Design’s US headquarters) salons are stocking up!

The polish is a long-lasting, chip resistant gel that requires a UV light source for drying (think Shellac?), it’s mainly applied by the pros and the color lasts for up to 21 days!

So there you have it!

The big question…Is it available in Canada!I think we may be lucky!

Check out this link I found online!
They might be able to give you more direction on this….I will certainly be giving them a call 🙂

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