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Wow, so I had to absolutely share this with all of you! If you want to learn how to grow your hair fast 1 inch in 7 days using the Inversion method than keep reading this post.

It’s not every day that I experience something new and that seemed to have actually worked! I was scouring Pinterest and the net to see if there were any new ways to help my hair grow faster and healthier. I thought I had seen/read it all…until I came across the “Inversion Method”! I had never heard of this before a few weeks ago and I just had to read up on it to see what this was all about.

We all know the net is filled with tons of ‘quick hair growth’ gimmicks that quite honestly I don’t believe in any of them but this kind of made sense in a weird way…keep reading 🙂

First of all, I will share what I currently do for my hair in my quest for beautiful, long, healthy, Rapunzel-like locks 🙂 Remember….it is a journey and every little bit helps.

Right now I:

a) take 10 mg’s of Biotin daily
b) try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
c) try to drink plenty of water daily
d) have sworn off heat, that means no blow dryer (unless needed for a special occasion) and no irons (curling or straightening).
e) drastically limited coloring (down to maybe once every 5-6 months
e) have learned to embrace my hair’s natural texture and work with it not against it

It’s not always easy but in the end it is worth the effort!

Ok…so onto the exciting part!

What is this “INVERSION METHOD”? In a nutshell…It involves massaging oil (preferably warm) into your scalp (such as castor, coconut, sweet almond oil or any one of your choice), then tilting your head upside down for 4 minutes for 7 days straight. You are not to do it for longer than 4 minutes nor longer than 7 days.

You can do this once a month. What is the logic behind this? Well, apparently there is a science. Tilting or putting your head upside down allows for blood flow to the head which in turn stimulates the scalp and of course aids in growth.  Sounded simple enough and after seeing many before/after pics I decided it wouldn’t cost me a dime to try. And try I did! 😀

At the end of my 7 days (which ran from Jan. 31st to Feb. 6th) I did feel my hair felt and looked fuller. Did it actually grow? My pic is posted here below and I have to say that yes it did grow. I made the mistake of not measuring (I guess I wasn’t too hopeful) but definitely will next month! I’m making one of those neat “measurement” T-shirts to track my progress.

I only massaged warm Castor Oil for the first few days as I was tired of washing it daily because of the oil so I switched to Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer Spray after the 3rd day. As far as how it feels…it’s a weird feeling putting your head upside down. Some may feel nauseous…I didn’t. I just felt a little light-headed. Just make sure to get up slowly after the 4 minutes are up and take it easy.

No rules as to when to do it. I was doing it in the evenings. Of course I will add a serious disclaimer here and like anything else I highly suggest you ask your doctor before trying this especially if you suffer from any medical condition.

This method is not advised for those who:
– suffer high/low blood pressure,
– are pregnant,
– have circulatory problems,
– heart problems,
– joint problems..etc etc…

So please use caution before trying this. The best advice will come from your doctor. Hubby would shake his head when he would see me hanging upside down BUT a picture is worth a thousand words and he couldn’t believe the difference either so I’ll let the picture speak for itself and let you be the judge 😛

Be sure to check out my post on how to keep your hair healthy! Read the post here. (sorry for the quality of these picture below 🙁 )

Growing your hair fast using the Inversion Method

Inversion Method Before and After picture

By Nuccia Ardagna

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Nuccia Ardagna


Hi! I'm Nuccia! I'm a hard working gal and an enthusiastic beauty blogger based in the beautiful city of Montreal! I love sharing videos and posts with you and talking about makeup, hair and fashion! I've recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and will endeavor to share all my healthy tips with you. Glad you stopped by!




  1. July 18, 2016  12:03 AM by Tasfia Reply

    i can't keep oil in my hair overnight and i have to shower everyday as i am a Muslim and i need to shower to say my prayers. so can i do the inversion method like this-i'll do the method keep the oil for several hours and then wash it with shampoo and conditoner. so basically, it's gonna be like oiling and shampooing everyday for a week! is that gonna work?plz help!! i really really want to grow out my hair fast like you guys!!

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      July 18, 2016  1:09 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Tasfia! Sure I think your method should work! I'm not an expert in the exact science of what makes the inversion method work but I'm gonna guess that the bigger part is the putting your head upside down to allow blood flow and oxygen to go to the scalp....so if you do the process as you say, you should still obtain some really nice results! Do me a favor? Be sure to let me know how it worked out for you! Thanks for stopping by! :D
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...How to get an amazing summer glow with highlighter!My Profile

  2. July 17, 2016  11:58 PM by Tasfia Reply

    hi nuccia,
    i can't keep oil in my hair overnight and i have to shower everyday as i am a Muslim and i need to shower to say my prayers. so can i do the inversion method like this-i'll do the method keep the oil for several hours and then wash it with shampoo and conditoner. so basically, it's gonna be like oiling and shampooing everyday for a week! is that gonna work?

  3. July 17, 2016  11:56 PM by Tasfia Reply

    hi nuccia,
    i can't keep oil in my hair overnight and i have to shower everyday as i am a Muslim and i need to shower to say my prayers. so can i do the inversion method like this-i'll do the method keep the oil for several hours and then wash it with shampoo and conditoner. so basically, it's gonna be like oiling and shampooing everyday for a week! is that gonna work?plz help!! i really really want to grow out my hair fast like you guys!!

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  5. December 29, 2015  8:43 AM by Briana B. Reply

    Hello ladies... Wanted to share so knowledge.. Biotin is NOT a good grade of vitamin to take it is not derived from a plant source so your body does not utilize the vitamn because it is An incomplete compound and doesn't have the appropriate enzymes that must be present for your body to synthesize it in the blood stream. A better choice would be to check out stop aging now.com they have vitamins that are derived from plants and are all lab tested to make sure there are no contaminants. It is never a good idea to buy your vitamins at a drugstore. Now massaging of the Scout upside down yes can work but try to use lighter oils like coconut oil which has antibacterial properties and also helps with scarring that may occur from using excessive heat or chemicals on the scalp it also acts as a sunscreen. Extra virgin olive oil light is also another excellent option. A lot of your hairs growth is going to be merely from not using hot tools on your hair which causes breakage every single time you use it.
    Also people you need to remember that Beauty starts from the inside out no matter how many times you hold your hair upside down to massage your scalp it always depends on what fuel you are putting in your body. So make sure that you're eating a well-proportioned diet with appropriate amounts of carbs fats and proteins, and making sure you're getting essential trace vitamins like zinc, magnesium and selenium.

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      December 29, 2015  10:10 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Briana! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing some great tips and alternatives! I wholeheartedly agree that feeding yourself healthily from the inside out is truly the best way to fuel not only your hair but your entire body! Yes, absolutely, cutting out the hot styling tools is something I've been doing for the last few years and learned to embrace my natural 'curls and waves' :D Thanks for shedding light on 'biotin'...very good to know!! That's why I love these blogs, such an interchange of great information and tips! Please make sure to keep stopping by! Have an awesome day! Hugs from Montreal!
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...Permanent hair removal system at home! What worked for me!My Profile

  6. July 14, 2015  12:02 PM by Celine Reply

    I'm definitely going to try something similar to this, but I've heard cheyanne pepper works better mixed with the oil, would you agree? Hoping this works! I have super curly hair and it grows soooo slowly

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      July 14, 2015  5:50 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Celine! I would have to agree since it would probably stimulate the scalp. Did you read that somewhere? Yeah, with curly hair the results take longer to show but i'll bet if you straightened it, it would be super long! **envious** I love curly hair!! Let me know how it works out! I will post an update to include your tip! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...Permanent hair removal system at home! What worked for me!My Profile

      • July 17, 2015  10:16 AM by Celine Reply

        I definitely will post results! :) but yes i did read that somewhere, cheyanne pepper is good for a stimulant, but I'll be taking biotin as well! Curly hair is nice but it's a pain in the butt! I have shoulder length hair and sometimes it gets soooo curly that it's like midway neck length! Ridiculous haha

        • Nuccia Ardagna
          July 19, 2015  8:19 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

          I just got a visual! LOL
          Now I'm dying to see your results! :)

  7. June 19, 2015  4:14 AM by ze Reply

    Will it show a result in 3 days? Because I try it last night (which is thursday) and I'm aiming to grow it before Monday because I will go to school on that time. Will it show?

  8. June 19, 2015  2:53 AM by sy Reply

    Hello. Can I use hot oil treatment to wash the oil on my hair after I apply it? Thanks.

  9. June 17, 2015  6:26 AM by jey Reply

    Hi. Sorry for this very stupid question. But, can I do this inversion method (with coconut oil) everyday in a month. I mean, can I do this daily (which is 30-31 days)? Please reply. I want to grow my hair really fast

      • June 18, 2015  3:45 AM by jey Reply

        Thanks for answering my question. But is it really works? If I do this on 7 days, will it show a result immediately?

      • June 18, 2015  3:57 AM by jey Reply

        And how many inch(es) does it grow if I do this method? I'm so sorry, I'm so pathetic. I just want to grow my bangs very quickly. When I go to my school, everybody said that my bangs is so ugly because its so short. Please help me.

        • Nuccia Ardagna
          June 18, 2015  6:37 AM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

          Hey there...don't worry about the questions, that's what I'm here for! Does it really work? Well it sure did for me as you can tell from the pictures...I did it 3 times at least and they grew practically an inch each time (which is significant). Those were my results and I have seen similar impressive results online from others who have tried it. We're all different so how much it grows varies from person to person but yes you will see results. You are not pathetic...you did what we all did at some point in our lives. We try things and experiment with our hair. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. It's hair...thankfully it grows back! lol
          Do the inversion method and you will definitely see some results in your bangs. In the meantime, work with them as they grow....pin them back for a cute look, or try a pretty headband...i'm sure you can find tons of inspirations on the web on how to camouflage growing bangs. I googled "growing out bangs hairstyles" and got tons of celebrity looks that you can try! Who knows, you might even start a style of your own! Don't be so hard on yourself...and don't let your mean friends put you down. You were gutsy enough to try something :) Let me know how it goes!! Have an awesome day!

          • June 19, 2015  3:16 AM by jey Reply

            My bangs are so short, to the point that I can pin nor do anything on it. I just cover it with my long hair BUT it's noticable. Thanks for cheering me up :) I just have to be patient. Thanks

  10. May 31, 2015  12:14 AM by Janet Reply

    How long would you have to keep it in your hair? Like overnight? 24hours? Do it everyday?

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      May 31, 2015  11:14 AM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Janet! If you're talking about the oil, you can keep it overnight (makes for a great treatment!) as long as you wash it out before going out (like to work or something) otherwise, nope, I would put the oil, flip my head upside down for 4 minutes and then I would wash it out. Because that started to become a problem for me (washing my hair every day for a week) I started replacing the oil with Aveda's Scalp Treatment. It is not an oil and still does the trick and the bonus? You don't have to wash it out...it' doesn't leave your hair oily because it's not an oil. It's great for the scalp and I love it! Let me know how you make out and if you have any questions! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you here again :)
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...My review of "Life Outside the Box: The extraordinary journeys of 10 unique individuals" By: Marilyn R. WilsonMy Profile

  11. May 25, 2015  4:29 PM by Jessi Rene Reply

    Hey I just have a question about the hair invversion. When you go to rise the coconut oil out am I happier to just rinse it out with water or with shampoo and conditioner? Sorry stupid question but I want to make sure I do this right, been ttrying to get my hair to grow longer :)

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      May 25, 2015  7:13 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Jesi! Never a stupid question! I don't think that water alone would rinse out the coconut oil from your hair. There are 2 things you can do. For one, I would use shampoo to rinse out the oil. Secondly, because I didn't wash my hair every day during the 'inversion' method, I only used it maybe twice during the 7-day treatment, otherwise I wasn't using the oil...I used a non-oil treatment like Aveda's Invati Scalp Treatment. That way you don't have to wash your hair out since it's not an oil. These are just my personal comments. Let me know if you have any questions! Also, please do let me know how it works out for you! AND pictures if possible :) Thanks for stopping by! <3

  12. April 3, 2015  7:15 AM by Mila Reply

    Hi my name is Mila, I recently got a really bad haircut and i had to cut it even shorter to fix it a little . I feel terrible and i been trying to do this method to grow it faster but i noticed that oil makes my hair fall and that worries me, Please tell me what can i do to grow it longer . Thank you

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      April 3, 2015  8:06 AM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      HI Mila! I think we've all gone through that at some point in our lives! Yes the inversion method can certainly help speed up the process but in the meantime try to enjoy every stage of your hair growth and have fun with it and before you know it, you'll have the length you want! As for the oil, like I said in my post, I wasn't using the oil every day because that would mean I would have to wash my hair every day and that was not an option. I replaced the oil with Aveda's Invati which is a scalp treatment and that worked just as great. You can put anything, it doesn't have to be oil, the goal is to stimulate your scalp and you don't need oil for that. Hope this helps and let me know how you make out! Have an awesome day :D and hugs!
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...3 Steps to Wavy / Curly Hair using Hair Treats Flat Iron + ReviewMy Profile

  13. October 24, 2014  1:31 AM by Dawnah Reply

    Hello, just wondering how many times you have tried this and what your updated growth has been. Thank you for your time.

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      October 24, 2014  11:25 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Dawnah! I have done it about 4 times and I'm in the middle of doing it again right now. My seven days should be up on Monday. I will definitely post an update with more before/after pictures! Have you tried it before? This truly works well....Stay tuned ok? :D Thanks for stopping by!

  14. October 14, 2014  3:23 PM by Monika Reply

    Thanks so much for posting this method here. I've been doing a lot of research on the inversion method and I think I'm going to give it a try! I cut my bangs a little bit too short so I need a quick remedy! I'm going to start tonight and use the oil daily.

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      October 14, 2014  10:10 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Monika! Thanks so much for stopping by! I really love this method...really works! Don't worry about your bangs....those usually grow fairly quickly but yeah why not give them a little help? ;) Do let me know how you make out! You should definitely take before and after pics and if you do, please share them with me!! :D :D
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...Younique 3D Fiber Lash - Get Gorgeous, LONG Lashes Instantly!My Profile

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  16. September 14, 2014  6:25 PM by Erin Lopez Reply

    hi, this is a great method. Just wondering can u do this without oil. I don't wash my hair every day and i go to school so oily hair is a big no. Can i do the oil only on weekends. And with out oil how long will my hair grow if i do this for 1 week

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      September 14, 2014  6:57 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Erin! Thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean and I do mention in my post that I don't like washing my hair every day so the oil was not always on option. The days/nights that I didn't use oil I substituted with Aveda's Invati Hair Scalp treatment. That's not an oil and is a great treatment. If you don't have the Aveda, you can use any other scalp treatment that is not oily and that should work too. The important thing is to massage the scalp. That's key. I still achieved awesome results without using the oil so no worries it'll still work. Please do share your results! Take a before and after pic and you'll be surprised! I just blow-dried my hair (I hadn't used a blowdryer in years) and was incredibly, happily surprised how long it is! It has literally grown inches! Let me know how it goes ok? Have an awesome week :D
      Nuccia Ardagna recently posted...Create 3 Fabulous Makeup Looks using One Direction MakeupMy Profile

  17. August 22, 2014  9:47 AM by Gina Reply

    Hi Nuccia. My name is Gina. Thanks for all of thee info. I started the process last night. I measure from the middle of my scalp at the top straight down to the longest strands. The result is 21 1/2 inches. I didn't use oil last night as I have a job interview this morning and didn't want to add to the stress. I will use coconut oil tonight. I have been doing moisture treatments with coconut oil for about 6 months now about every 2 to 3 weeks, so I am use to the oily part. I only wash my hair once a week unless I do an activity that give me no choice but to wash more. What happened with me is my ex-husband and I got back together for about a year and in that time he convinced me to try going platinum. my hair was a little longer than shoulder length at that time. I really loved the look, but after time went by the upkeep was expensive and I was in the salon way too much. I couldn't even afford to come exactly once a month, which is what I really had to do for it to look good all of the time. So the fact that I could only afford touch-ups every 8 to 12 weeks, I didn't feel like my hair looked good most of the time. Well, in a nutshell, my hair wassw breaking off big time. I has short pieces all over the crown of my head. I desperately wanted my natural healthy hair back, so I went back to my color and of course it faded considerably due to the platinum underneath. So now I have made the decision to leave it alone and grow it out with occasional trimmings as needed. I use sulfate free shampoo only now and it has helped the damage a lot. I am haveing a hard time not using a flat iron to smooth out some natural inconsistent waves that annoy the hell out of me. I know that the flat iron has caused a lot of my breakage. Believe it or not, my ends are the least damaged. I usually feel as though I have to curl the ends for it to look good. I really want to only use heat tools for special occasions. Do you have any suggestions on hairstyles that I can use to wear to work that look good that you don't have to use heat to get? Also, I will get back to you with my results after the 7 days of using the inversion method. So sorry so long. :-) Thanks so much. Gina

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      August 22, 2014  6:26 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Gina! Thanx so much for stopping by and sharing your hair stresses with me! lol Boy do I understand you! When it comes to the hair inversion the important thing to me is that you stimulate the scalp by massaging it. Surely with oil it's easier but not always practical. I, like you, do not wash my hair regularly. I don't need to as it's not oily so why would I subject it to more handling? I wash my hair every 4-5 days and that's fine for me. I've always been afraid of bleaching my hair so that's why I never tried anything drastic such as going blond...I've always been a brunette and found that to be very low maintenance. I did try the ombre last year which did involve bleach and as much as I loved it I felt I gave my hair a beating so I went back to dark. But like you the light part keeps creeping up and I don't mind it so much as it gives my hair some nice highlights. You are doing a very good thing to your hair by giving yourself those moisturizing treatments! The very best thing you could do for it right now is to leave them alone...no processing. As hard as that is to do! My biggest challenge was to stop using the hairdryer and curler. I've hardly ever used a flat iron so I know how difficult that is! I learned that the best thing is to embrace your current hair and work with it. You asked for some tips on how to handle your hair right now and I can tell you what I did. I stopped using blowdryers altogether especially in the summer. I'll only blowdry it if I have a special event or something and if I do, I use the Medium heat setting. Since I've sworn off blowdrying it I started to use methods to enhance the waves I do have so I've been big on 'sock bun' before bed so that I wake up to some nice loose curls. There's also another method that involves a headband and you simply weave your hair around the band and let it sit overnight. That too you wake up to nice loose waves. Because I love wavy/curly hair that works great for me. I've embraced my waves and work with them and now my hair thanks me...they haven't been this healthy in such a long time! The other 2 big things that I do ALL THE TIME is use coconut oil on my ends after setting my hair to nourish it and give it a nice shine and I also dab some on my ends before going to bed (never the scalp unless i'm giving myself a treatment). The great thing about the coconut oil is that it may look a little oily on the spot (if you put too much otherwise you're ok) but my hair so quickly absorbs it that it's not a problem! The second thing I do every single day is take a Biotin supplement. That is powerful vitamins for your hair, skin and nails. I really do see a difference! Even my brother uses it! lol FYI, I am in the middle of doing my inversion method. I have today and tomorrow left to complete my 7 day and I gotta tell you my hair got so long! I was so skeptical about this but it truly does work!! I will post an update to show my new results! I am dying to see your results so please do come back and let me know how it worked out for you! Also.....how did the job interview go???? I'm sure you did great :) Thanks again for stopping by! Muah!

  18. August 14, 2014  9:52 PM by Heather Reply

    How much oil do you use each night? Do you wash with shampoo after or just rinse?

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      August 15, 2014  9:26 PM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Heather! Thanx for stopping by :) As I mentioned in my post, I don't wash my hair every day so clearly the oil was not the best solution for me (although the best option if you want maximum benefits). If you do wash your hair every day then please by all means do use the oil! You don't need much, enough to cover your scalp. I would put enough oil to get the scalp covered and massage it in for a few minutes. Definitely follow with shampoo...rinsing won't be enough to get the oil out.
      Because I don't wash my hair every night, I found that using Aveda's Invati Scalp spray worked just as well and that I didn't have to wash out. It's actually very good for your hair and scalp and very stimulating. But if I had the choice I would still opt for the castor oil method. I just can't afford to wash my hair every day. It would really be drying for me. Let me know if I I've answered your questions. Sorry for the long response! Have a great weekend!

  19. August 3, 2014  11:17 AM by Rebekah Reply

    How often did you do this? Once a day for a week, then wait a week, or what? :)

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      August 3, 2014  11:30 AM by Nuccia Ardagna Reply

      Hi Rebekah! Thanks for stopping by! To answer your question....You do this once a day for seven days only. Repeat once a month if desired. If you do it monthly really depends on you and how long you want to grow your hair. I'll be doing it again starting this Friday and will update my new results. If you try it PLEASE let me know how it goes for you! :) If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Have a great Sunday :D

  20. February 23, 2014  1:18 AM by Swasal Reply

    Hi Dear...will this help in reducing hair fall too ! I want to try it. Can I put the oil and then wash the next day morning as I am working...please explain the procedure... please! Thank you !

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      February 23, 2014  10:43 AM by Nuccia Reply

      Hi Swasal! I'm not sure I can really answer that question. The inversion method is more for fast hair growth however the fact that you are 'stimulating' the hair scalp by way of extra blood flow to the head sure has its benefits and might probably help with that too. Yes you can certainly do it that way. I was doing it at night and washing my hair the next morning. I got tired (and don't like to wash my hair every day) so I stopped using the oil after a few days and started using Aveda's Invati hair scalp treatment which is not oily at all so I didn't have to wash my hair every day...I could go back to my regular routine. The procedure is very simple...simply put your head upside down (I was doing it from my bed where my body was on the bed and my head would hang over) for 4 minutes for 7 days...that's it. No more and no longer. That was my first time doing it and couldn't believe the results. You can do it once a month so I will be doing it again the first week of March and this time will measure! Let me know if you have any questions and how it works out for you! I am so curious!
      Nuccia recently posted...Grow your hair 1″+ in 7 days using the #Inversion method – does it work?My Profile

  21. February 16, 2014  4:50 AM by Samantha Angell Reply

    I may just have to try it! Perfect timing for me as well, seeing that my husband is out of town for work the next seven days! I am like you and usually skeptical of "grow hair fast" tricks, but if you think you got results I may try it!

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      February 16, 2014  9:05 AM by Nuccia Reply

      Seriously Samantha...it blew me away! I really didn't expect the results I got. It does say to only do it once a month so I'll be doing it again first week of March. I'm also gonna make those 'measurement' t-shirts to track the actual inches! It's a white tee with black markings on the back...stay tuned for that one! lol

  22. February 15, 2014  8:21 PM by Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com Reply

    Wow, like you say. Seeing is believing. I have heard that coconut oil works to allow hair to not only grow, but also to strengthen. Looks like this worked. I will definitely give this a try. Visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest.
    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      February 15, 2014  8:35 PM by Nuccia Reply

      That's the oil of my choice...coconut. I couldn't believe it but when I saw other people's before/after I had to give it a try...I'm trying it again next month. Let me know how it works out for you!! Try to measure if you can and take pictures...would love if you shared!

  23. February 15, 2014  6:24 PM by Rachel G Reply

    Hmm, it's interesting, that's for sure! I also don't tend to believe the "grow your hair instantly!" tricks ever, but it's true that scalp massage and increased blood flow to the scalp lead to a healthier scalp--and probably help the follicles to work a little harder, maybe! :P

    • Nuccia Ardagna
      February 15, 2014  8:54 PM by Nuccia Reply

      Hi Rachel! Nice to see you again :) I have to agree with you...there is a certain 'science' in that the increased blood flow has its benefits...I just didn't think I would have seen results in 7 days...the results were very visible...even my brother said my hair looked so full! I was so delighted to hear that! :)

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