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As most of you already know I am always on the prowl for hair tips and products that will keep my hair looking its healthiest! If you have short hair that task is a little easier given the regular cuts but if you are trying to grow your hair than you know that you need all the help you can get!

My mission to keep my hair beautiful and healthy has attracted many companies asking me to review their ‘big’ thing and while most of them just end up collecting dust in my drawers I do get that occasional product that actually makes a difference AND compels me to share it with you guys!

So here it is!

I received the Arganesse Hair Treatment to review. Let me describe the product before jumping into my review.

As you can see from the picture below it arrived in a beautiful sturdy green box (superior quality may I add) and a velvet pouch. The oil itself is in a beautiful glass 100ml (3.4 fl.oz) bottle (while that is not practical for traveling – you might consider transferring some product into a plastic container if you are traveling).



Claim & Use
The product claims to give your hair the “royal treatment, a daily leave-in therapy with beneficial argan oil.” It also says that it: Repairs, Rehydrates and Restores, Controls Frizz & Adds Shine.  It’s made with Argan Oil (I don’t need to go into details about the benefits of Argan Oil right ladies?).

Instructions for use:



My thoughts?

I really really like this product! I am going to add a Warning here! I am really skeptical when it comes to “Argan Oil”. Allow me to explain: You see this ingredient in almost every hair shampoo, conditioner, treatment and mask out there…and they all ‘claim’ to be a miracle product because their product contains Argan Oil and let me tell you how I have been royally disappointed by many of them  (at my expense…literally!) I love Argan Oil and truly believe it has extraordinary benefits but not all products containing Argan Oil work or have made a difference in my hair. Many of you might hate me for what I’m about to say BUT Moroccanoil did nothing for me and given the hype about that line I was sorely disappointed! I tried a few of their products and wouldn’t purchase them again. Ok so I got sidetracked here again with my ramblings but back to Arganesse 🙂 The way I determine if a product worked (no brainer here) is:

a) how easy it is to style my hair, and

b) final results…the shine factor above all and the ‘feel’ of my hair (is it silky, is it soft and is it manageable?)

Arganesse describes it’s product as “luxurious” and while that is difficult to assess it truly does feel silky in my hair both when wet and dry and a quarter size is enough on my length of hair. If you have shorter hair maybe try a dime/nickel size amount (depending on length). Having said that, the bottle will last you quite some time (months….and that will depend on how often you wash your hair).

Can it be used on dry hair? The instructions say to use on damp hair but I certainly use a little bit on dry hair (ends only) as a finishing touch and love it! Gives it that extra softness as you can see from the picture!

It is a bit on the pricey side at $120/bottle but if you have to ‘splurge’ on something that will get you results and last a long time then I definitely recommend it. There are a few other drugstore products for every day use that I found will work well too such as Mark Anthony’s Argan Oil Treatment (see pic below) but if you want something of high end quality then I definitely recommend adding this one to your ‘faves’ list!



So…overall: High end product that in my experience (after using this for close to 2 months now) does deliver on it’s claim. I have some facebook comments complimenting me on my hair and how great it looks so that’s confirmation enough for me 😀

If you want to check out their site or want to purchase click here 🙂

Total satisfaction!

Questions? Leave me a comment below OR tell me what products you swear by!
Thanks luvs!




  1. argan oil for hair

    June 10, 2014

    argan oil for hair is vary beautiful product


      Nuccia Ardagna

      June 10, 2014

      I have to agree with you! 😀

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