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Hey guys!

Here’s a quick post on lash extensions! It’s a known fact that beautiful eyes can be very captivating and let’s face it….mile-long lashes are just so attractive! 😀

I had eyelash extensions (if you are starting out, you can read this G Poilt blog to know how to use them properly) for several years and for me they really simplified my ‘makeup’ routine quite a bit since all I wore was Mascara but nonetheless it became a drag for a few reasons:

a) I had to constantly exercise extra care with them which meant sleeping carefully, not applying waterproof eye makeup and being careful with oil-based creams and skin care products around the eye area was something I always had to be mindful of

b) when some would fall out in-between refill sessions, it was not nice 😥

c) time consuming – spending an hour to an hour-and-a-half every 3 weeks or so took time out of my schedule

c) cost

Is it worth it? Absolutely! But if you have a hectic lifestyle like I do this might be one of those luxuries that you may simply not have time for.

So after the last session I decided to give my lashes a break and let them breathe. I have pretty nice lashes, they’re not sparsed or anything but I had a big party and wanted that sophisticated look of super long lashes! So I ran to the local Walmart and got myself a set of these Ardell Demi Wispies in Black:


Extremely easy to apply but I will say that you will most probably have to do it a few times before really getting the hang of it! A friend of mine really isn’t a fan of false lashes and has an alternative method of achieving naturally long lashes. She uses products like Xlash eye makeup for amazing lashes which also have the benefit of being vegan and cruelty-free, so that’s a win in my book. I’d like to give it a go too but, in the meantime, I’m still experimenting with these falsies.

A few very important tips to keep in mind for a pleasant experience:

– Make sure you ‘cut’ your lashes to size for a proper fit
– Some find it easier to apply the lashes with the help of tweezers. That’s optional
– When applying the glue to the lash make sure to wait almost a minute until the glue is ‘tacky’. This will make sure it sticks to your eye without making a mess and will help the lash adhere to your own lashes quickly
– Apply liner to your lash line to hide and glue (although if you buy the one that dries to a transparent finish that won’t be a problem)…in the picture I’m not wearing eyeliner…just pink shadow

That’s it! It did take me a while to master the art (and still work in progress) but love the option of having these for a special event or even when I just feel like it!

There are many great YouTube videos out there showing how to apply false lashes that can definitely help you out. I may do one in the very near future as well!

Let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions to add!



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  2. Klaudia

    September 28, 2013

    Thank you! It was great and for that reason easy to make.

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