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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I ‘discovered’ this! Actually it’s all over You Tube and I’m shocked I didn’t see this earlier!

Since I was diagnosed with both Celiac 🙁 and Skin Cancer 🙁 I have been on the hunt for products that are primarily Gluten-Free but also as natural as possible. That was not easy given the ‘lax’ labeling laws. I was also saddened when I saw how many cosmetic brands (including high-end ones) listed on the FDA’s site contain lead and other chemicals. Some of my favorite brands were on there **sniff sniff**

So I did what many of us do…scouer the net to find anything that we can make at home using ingredients that can be easily obtained and easily pronounced!

I saw many positive reviews on this…many you tubers out there are doing this and now I am hooked too! Hooked by how much fun and quick it is and hooked on the countless shades I can potentially create!
I even started going crazy on Pinterest seeing the great lipstick pins and quickly calculating which crayons I need to create ‘that’ color I just saw!

So I decided to put this video together for you in hopes that you’ll enjoy it!
This makes for a great fun time activity if you have children!

See some pictures below of some of my most recent creations!
Leave me your comments and give me IDEAS on summer color trends that you think I should definitely be ‘creating’!
So without further ado…here’s my DIY Lipstick video!







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