I LOVE scouring the web for these DIY projects and sharing them with you!

Check out this NEAT DIY studded trench coat inspired by Burberry…turn an ordinary coat into a star-studded piece of clothing! Not sure what the difficulty level is but read the instructions carefully and you should be fine.

I am definitely going to try this and can’t wait too 🙂

I love nothing more than being able to keep up to date with the latest fashion and style trends, and I think this coat could propel me forward in the industry. I just love clothes, particularly the ones that you can customize yourself. I have a friend who was responsible for organizing the team jackets for her sports team, and she decided to head to a place like Imprint (go now for more info) to get them printed in the style, design, and color that she wanted. She even managed to get their logo on it too, how amazing! And they were the most stylish team out on the field, which is a massive plus in my eyes. So, I can’t wait to tell her about this DIY studded trench coat that she can make herself too.

Taken from iVillage (great site!)…see full article here as well as other DIY inspirations: http://www.ivillage.ca/style/diy-style-make-clothing

DIY Week 3: Studded Trench

This DIY can range in cost Since I like to keep these DIY’s around $30 or so, I decided to only stud the tips of the collar, the pointed end of the belt, and a few studs on the button detail of each sleeve. The cost for the number of studs used on my trench was approximately $40.

After seeing the final result, I think I’ll invest in more and go all the way with the studding (I promise to share photos when that happens!). This trench makes me feel like such a bad-ass!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

– A collared trench or jacket (I recommend a lighter fabric, as it’s probably easier to pierce than the heavy cotton twill my jacket is made of).

– Studs of your choice. Buy at: trimmings stores, fabric stores with large trimmings sections, a craft store or site like http://studsandspikes.com (don’t be scared off by the site name!). How many studs you need will depend on the area(s) you decide to stud, and what size stud you use. To cut costs, you could purchase studs without screws – ones that just have prongs on the back.

– Embroidery scissors, a seam ripper, or something like it that you can use to poke the holes into your fabric. Since I’m a terrible DIY’er I used a steak knife, a pair of kitchen shears, and the little knife found on the end of a corkscrew. Don’t be like me.

– A fine-tipped marker to plot out your holes/design (I didn’t do this and kind of regret it)

– A ruler to measure/plot out your holes/design (again, I didn’t do this and kind of regret it)

– A Phillips head screwdriver (check the bottom of your stud to be sure). If you use a different type of stud, you may not need this.

How To:

1. Start by laying out your studs in whatever pattern you like, measuring the distance between each (or, if you like to live on the edge like me, just guess haphazardly. No one will know!). Then, use the marker to mark where to make the hole.

2. Carefully pierce your holes with the embroidery scissors. I found it easier to pierce from the underside of the fabric, which also made it easier to pop the bottom screw piece of the stud through.

3. Insert a screw from the underside of the fabric, screw on the spike, tighten, and further secure with the screwdriver.

4. Repeat until your whole pattern is complete.

While this DIY is super simple, it can definitely be time-consuming (sorry…) especially depending on how much surface you plan on covering. All said and done, I would say I probably spent close to two hours on mine. It’s a great DIY to do while watching TV or just hanging out.

Courtesy Zara Hemmings

If anyone has tried this please SHARE YOUR PICS with me or pin it on my Pinterest Board!

Thanks friends!

Photo and article courtesy of: http://www.ivillage.ca/style/diy-style-make-clothing